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Ultrafine Grinding with FOX Industries Grinding Media

Making Your Life Better – Through Innovation

Big changes are driven by big ideas. For over forty years, FOX Industries has been the driving force behind remarkable changes and technological advances in the agriculture, healthcare, plastics, chemicals, coatings, and automotive industries.

Innovation drives everything we do—from uncovering new opportunities, to continuously looking for new ways to make life better.

These technological advances come from embracing breakthrough thinking. Breakthroughs like more durable, fuel efficient airplane coatings. Anti-microbial silver particles. Super high-efficiency solar cells. Computer hard drives capable of storing 5 terabytes (5000GB) of data in a space the size of a postage stamp. Paint that can detect microscopic faults in bridges. And the one thing they all have in common, is the wonderfully simple, yet enormously complex FOX Grinding Ball.

From everyday items used in your daily life, to technologies that were once thought to be only possible in science fiction, our ongoing research and development into ultra-fine particle size reduction, is changing the world. Just think of the possibilities.

FOX Grinding Media is the biggest thing to happen to grinding, since the wheel.