Pharmaceutical Innovation

Ultrafine Grinding is Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Delivery

FOX Industries Grinding Media – Protecting the Body from Disease

What if life-saving drugs had zero side effects?

Today’s conventional drugs can produce severe side effects as the drug spreads throughout the body. But drug particles, ground down to the submicron range, behave differently.

These tiny miracles are engineered to only target diseased cells in specific tissues and organs.This means that healthy cells in the body are protected from unwanted side effects.

But that’s not all. Ultrafine grinding technologies will revolutionize the way pharmaceuticals are delivered and administered to the human body.

Think about the possibilities: Drugs that are more soluble in water. Medications delivered to previously inaccessible areas of the body. Drugs that easily penetrate cell membranes.

Tiny technologies that control the release of drugs over a period of weeks, avoiding the need for regular injections. Even drugs which combine the “active ingredient” of the drug with a coating that can encapsulate healthy cells and actually prevent viruses from entering them.

Truly impressive.

How many more lives will be saved thanks to the revolutionary grinding media and technologies FOX helps to make possible?