Alumina Spheres and Cylinders

Alumina Spheres & Cylinders

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A Refined Way to Refine Surfaces

The inert nature of FOX Alumina Burnishing Media allows it to be used with a variety of burnishing applications.

Perfect for burnishing in alkaline and acidic environments, FOX Alumina enhances luster on stainless steel, resulting in a brushed finish. For smoother finishing, FOX Alumina is ideal because it is a lesser density ceramic media. For light deburring, which removes the small, brittle burrs resulting from grinding operations, there is no better alternative. The white color minimizes the ‘darkening’ or ‘dilution’ of color coated parts. And the spheres and cylinders promote good tumbling action to help separate stones.

If you’re doing soft action polishing, final surface finishing, or if you just want a high luster finish on your parts, FOX Alumina is what you want.


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