About us

FOX Industries – The Company

Thirty years ago, here’s where you would have found me: At the bottom of an ink tank, deep in printing ink, rebuilding a ball mill. I’d be down inside the mill chamber, spending hours getting my hands dirty.

My name is Charles Richardson, President and CEO of FOX Industries.

I’d often be called in to rebuild, design, and improve drive and mixing assemblies. Time and again, my customers faced the same problem: Production Managers had no control over their milling processes because they were at the mercy of the machines.

Inevitably, the mills would break down, shut down the production line, and bring my customers’ businesses to a screeching halt. That hands-on experience opened my eyes and gave me unique insights into the milling process. One of the things I learned was how fundamental and important grinding media was to the process itself.

That discovery helped me understand the importance of creating quality milling beads that keep your mills, and your business, running smoothly.

Determined to stay head of the curve, and meet the needs of our customers, we invested heavily in the research and development of high-quality grinding media.

Today, our ongoing research into ultra-fine particle size reduction is changing the world, one bead mill at a time.

If you want a partner who truly understands your needs…Choose FOX.