Dependable Grinding Media – Reliable Finishing Media – Proven Polishing Media – Durable Glass Blasting Media – Impressive Glass Bead Peening Media

Isn’t it time you had Industrial Media you can count on?

Burnishing Media

Steel Tumbling Media

Polishing, Deburring, Cleaning or Finishing metal parts?

Need Metal Finishing and Deburring Media for your Vibratory Tumbler?

Which of these shapes will get your Burnishing job done?

Burnishing Media Shapes

Glass Blasting Media

Glass Blasting Media

Smoothing a rough surface?

Roughening a smooth surface?

Removing surface deposits?

We have the perfect glass bead blasting media for you.

Peening Media

Shot Peening Media

Need a bright surface finish?

Surface hardening?

Taking out tensile stress?

FOX Shot Peening Glass Bead Media combats stress cracking and fatigue.