Steatite Spheres

Steatite Ceramic Beads – Grinding Media for Your Ball Mill

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Extraordinary Ceramic Balls for your Specialized Ball Milling Process

There are lots of reasons why FOX Steatite can be the perfect milling media for you.

Many people turn to Steatite, because it is more resistant to wear and corrosion than natural stone. Some find it to be an excellent alternative to natural pebbles—as it’s more resistant to abrasion.

In fact, it’s resistance to virtually all acids and alkalis, makes it easy to understand why it’s such a powerful solution to your particle size reduction needs. FOX Steatite Ceramic Beads won’t affect the color or composition of your milled product. What they will do is give you a cleaner, faster, more consistent grind.

Harness the power of FOX Steatite Grinding Media.


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