Grinding Media – Steel Tumbling Media – Glass Blasting Media – Shot Peening Media

At FOX Industries, our goal is to ensure that you get the most value out of your process. Whether you are Grinding, Burnishing, Blasting or Peening— you’ll find the right media for all your Ball Milling, Bead Milling, Vibratory Finishing, Bead Blasting and Glass Shot Peening needs. If you’ve come to find the best—you’ve come to the right place!

Unsure about what’s the best milling media to use for your ball milling process?
Let us help you decide on the right Grinding Media for your needs.

Got questions about some parts that need metal finishing or deburring?
We’ve got answers. Ask about our selection of Steel Tumbling Media and Vibratory Media for your Vibratory Tumbler.

How can you smooth out a rough surface without risking damage to it?
The solution to your bead blasting needs, are right here. Ask about FOX Glass Blasting Media.

What can you do to combat stress cracking and fatigue in your parts?
Let us guide you to the right type of FOX Glass Shot Peening Media that will get the job done.

And best of all, FOX makes it simple and easy for you, to get the beads you need. Whether you need ceramic grinding media like Zirconium Silicate, Zirconium Oxide, or Yttria for your bead mill. Or if you need Alumina Balls, Carbon Steel Balls, Chrome Steel Balls or Stainless Steel Balls for your ball mill. Or if that vibratory bowl or rotary tumbler of yours could use some new Polishing Media. Even if you need Sandblasting Glass Media or if you’re looking for Glass Beads for your shot peening operation—whatever media you need—you’ll find it all here, at FOX.