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Carbon Steel Balls – Tumbling Media for Metal Finishing

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Deburring with Vibratory Media the Way it Was Meant to Be

There’s steel vibratory media, and then there’s FOX Carbon Steel Balls for your vibratory tumbler. This tumbling media is an essential part of your metal finishing process—whether you’re doing metal finishing, metal polishing, or surface finishing.

Using FOX Carbon Steel Balls is the best way to achieve a highly burnished surface on your parts. And it’s especially useful for relieving sharp edges from stamped parts.

Carbon Steel Balls are great for edge break, deburring, and burnishing. Steel leaves no residue on parts and doesn’t require a post-wash process, so your parts come out clean, safe to handle, and polished to perfection.

If you’re polishing, deburring, cleaning, de-flashing, removing rust, or just finishing industrial parts in a vibratory bowl or a rotary tumbler, then you want the right steel polishing media for the job.

You want FOX Carbon Steel Balls.


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