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Glass Blasting Media

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Sandblasting Media That’s Simple, Yet Sophisticated

With FOX Glass Bead Blasting Media, you get cleaning, finishing and deburring results—all in one.

FOX Sandblasting Media is ideal for bead blasting, especially if your goal is to create a soft, bright, satin finish. For a smoother finish, with less glare, you might consider a finer glass bead size. If a deeper, more textured finish is what you’re after, a larger size of blast media might be right for you.

FOX Glass Blasting Media is lead-free glass media that removes contaminants, cleans surfaces and removes rust, scale and other residue from metal surfaces like Automotive & Aircraft Parts, Medical Equipment, Molds, Aluminum Castings, Cookware, Stampings, Castings, Pipes, and Dies.

This sandblasting media removes burrs, flashing and other sharp unwanted edges from your metal parts, like drills, tools, files, machine parts, gears, threads, jigs and punches. And here’s the best part. They do all your sand blasting without altering the base surface of your parts.

It’s simple and easy to get the blasting glass that you need. Just review our products, then contact us.

FOX Glass Media…smooth solutions for abrasive blasting.