Stainless Steel Tumbling

Stainless Steel Tumbling Media – for Metal Finishing

Vibratory Media for Deburring that will Simplify Your Life

FOX Stainless Steel Vibratory Media unlocks a range of possibilities, from eliminating the need for rust inhibitors to expediting finishing times and simplifying maintenance routines. By preventing rust contamination and boasting longevity when properly cared for, this media empowers your operations. Whether you’re utilizing a rotary tumbler or a vibratory bowl, FOX offers a comprehensive selection to suit your needs.

Opt for FOX Stainless Diagonals for intricate parts, Stainless Steel Balls for impeccable polish on flat surfaces, or FOX Eclipses for versatile applications. FOX Ballcones ensure consistent finishes on grooved parts, while FOX Ovals deliver scratch and dimple-free results. Tackle hard-to-reach areas with FOX Taper Pins.

Crafted from advanced steel properties, FOX Stainless Steel Tumbling Media excels in burnishing applications, offering superior resistance to corrosive agents. Perfect for metal finishing, polishing, deburring, and rust removal, FOX media elevates your metalworking endeavors with precision and efficiency.All in all, this tumbling media is ideal for metal finishing, metal polishing, surface finishing, polishing stainless steel, deburring, using a rock tumbler, or just removing rust from metal.