Burnishing Media

Stainless Steel Tumbling Media – for Metal Finishing

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Vibratory Media for Deburring that will Simplify Your Life

FOX Stainless Steel Vibratory Media lets you do things that you could never do without it. Things like eliminating the need for rust inhibitors (in most cases), speeding up your finishing time, simplifying your overnight or long–term maintenance procedures, and preventing rust from contaminating your parts. And, when treated right, will last a long time.

Whether you’re using a rotary tumbler or a vibratory bowl, FOX has the stainless steel media you need. For particularly odd shaped parts where lodging might be a problem, or for parts with hard to reach angles, try FOX Stainless Diagonals. Stainless Steel Balls will give you the best polish and the highest luster on flat parts. If you don’t want a high luster, your parts aren’t exactly what anyone would call flat, or you just don’t need media with exact sphericity, then maybe FOX Eclipses are right for you. FOX Ballcones are perfect for getting a consistent finish on parts which have grooves or recesses that round balls just can’t get into. If a scratch and dimple free finish is what you’re after, then you need FOX Ovals. For those tricky holes and crevices that nothing else seems to be able to reach, try FOX Taper Pins.

FOX 304 Stainless Steel Tumbling Media is designed with advanced steel properties. Its excellent resistance to corrosive agents makes this tumbler media ideal for use in burnishing applications, where corrosion resistance is required.

All in all, this tumbling media is ideal for metal finishing, metal polishing, surface finishing, polishing stainless steel, deburring, using a rock tumbler, or just removing rust from metal.