Chrome Grinding Balls

Chrome Steel Balls – Grinding Media for your Ball Mill

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Chrome Steel Grinding Balls with Beauty, Brains and Brawn

Polished to stunning elegance, FOX Chrome Steel Grinding Balls are the Rolls Royce of the grinding ball industry.

A dynamic and reliable steel ball, the intelligent design of this ball mill media is owed to our breakthrough technology, which enables us to take the finest chrome steel and vacuum-de-gas it. Because this process sets free all trapped air in the formulation, our chrome balls are produced with no air pockets—which results in a fully solid metal ball. So, the chrome steel balls in your ball mills grind your product—not each other.

Through hardened and rust resistant, the high density and superb hardness of FOX Chrome Grinding Balls make these grinding media balls ideal for ball mill grinding, including the crushing, mixing, and dispersing of even the hardest raw materials and the most viscous liquids.

FOX Chrome Steel Balls will transform your ball mill operation into a lean, mean, grinding machine.


Chrome Grinding Balls Specs 2Chrome Grinding Balls Specs 2