Silicate Spheres

Silicate Spheres

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Durable. Long Lasting. Versatile.

FOX Silicate Spheres can be used in a variety of delicate or aggressive applications, including burnishing, radiusing, polishing, deflashing, as well as light and heavy deburring of machined, cast, and fabricated parts.

FOX Silicate Spheres are durable, long lasting and extremely versatile. Because they are lighter than steel, they are not as aggressive on your parts. Instead, they evenly blend and smooth surfaces. Where rough finishing is needed—like fast cutting and rough surfaces—but you don’t want your parts to get nicked or scratched, FOX Silicate Spheres are the answer. The spheres roll smoothly and easily, through and around parts, to produce a cleaning and blending action.

So, your parts’ surfaces get polished, crevices get cleaned, edges get smoothed and you get good contact in rounded areas—every time.


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