Healthcare Innovation

Ultrafine Grinding Provides Better Healthcare

FOX Industries Grinding Media – Saving Lives

What if you could save 60 thousand lives each year, simply by creating a better bandage?

That’s how many people the Center for Disease Control estimates die, each year, because they contract an infection during the treatment of their wounds.

Now, through the use of a powerful new grinding media technology, FOX Industries is helping to provide those people with a higher level of protection. Antimicrobial submicron silver particles are now being produced which attack and kill microbes like viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause infection and disease. Bandages made with silver particles actually eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.

These anti-bacterial silver particles are imbedded in the fibers of everything—from gauze pads for dressings for wounds, to bed sheets, nursing scrubs, surgical masks and gowns. Although it sounds simple, this new ultrafine grinding technology has the potential to help healthcare professionals prevent illness, rather than just treating it.

Now that’s powerful technology behind a simple idea.