Nanotechnologies Innovation

Ultrafine Grinding Gives Ordinary Paint Cement-Like Strength

FOX Industries Grinding Media – Revolutionizing Structural Safety

If you’re gonna dream big, you need to think small. Nanotechnology and ultrafine grinding have made some amazing things possible.

Imagine a world where “smart paint” with tiny particles can detect microscopic faults in bridges, before structural damage occurs.

FOX Grinding Media, grinds down this “smart paint” to an ultra-fine particle size. These particles consist of fly ash—which gives the paint cement-like strength—and nano-sized particles that are 100 times stronger than steel and six times lighter. All while being 50 thousand times slimmer than a human hair.

Nanotechnology can turn ordinary paint into a wireless sensor network, capable of detecting minor structural faults before they become a severe problem. You see, when the nanotubes bend, the electrical conductivity changes, indicating that a structural problem could be developing.

It may sound like science fiction, but this paint can revolutionize structural safety. And FOX is right at the forefront of this visionary technology—offering a growing array of products and services designed to help turn our biggest dreams into reality.