Consumer Products

Ultrafine Grinding is Making Everyday Life More Livable

Grinding Media – Improving Your Quality of Life

Grinding in a ball mill or bead mill with FOX Industries Grinding Media is just about as fundamental as it gets. Few people realize what an impact FOX has on consumer products used their daily lives.

What if I told you that the toothpaste you brushed your teeth with this morning had its particle size reduced by FOX Grinding Media? That the candy bar you munched on at lunch, did too. And the makeup you applied today was ground down by—you guessed it—FOX Grinding Media.

You’d be surprised at all the everyday items FOX helps make possible: Antibacterial coatings that make kitchenware and baby bottles, safer. Canola oil that blocks cholesterol. Food packaging that changes color to alert you when food spoils. Environmentally friendly pesticides that only attack targeted insects.

FOX is helping to develop innovative, future technologies like conductive ink that allows circuit boards to be printed on paper, and paint that powers your entire home—turning your house into a giant solar panel.

These are powerful solutions that improve the quality of your life. Just imagine the possibilities…