Grinding Balls

Posted On 9 April, 2019

From the grinding balls used to grind up coal in the ball mills, to the catalyst media used as support beds for pollution scrubbers for smoke stacks, to the alumina catalyst balls used for synthetic gas and refinery hydrogen applications. Grinding media is even used to break down materials used in solar panel cells. Zirconium Oxide ceramics, such as Yttria Beads and Ceria Beads and other ceramics, such as Alumina and Zirconium Silicate, are used in ball mills and media mills to grind that material. Without these types of media assisting in these processes, our energy production would look vastly different. They are essential to the processes involved.

Thanks to the advances in particle size reduction and nanotechnology, we’ll soon be able to generate all the energy we need, from the comfort of our own homes. And we can do it cleanly, safely, and cheaply. The solution to some of our biggest problems can be found in the smallest places. And companies like FOX Industries are leading the pack on creating innovations to help power the future!